Responsible Tourism

Responsible attitude

Our company is one of the R.T.C. members. We are supposed to explain in our website in what our tourist activity is RESPONSIBLE.

For us, Freewheelin’ Tours alias Compagnie Bourlingue, everything comes to humans.

Our Slogan is: “Peoples meet peoples”

This expresses our attitude and action since 1994 in Vietnam.

For us, responsible travel is first of all being concerned, intimately, by the life of the people that we meet during the sojourns that we propose; those people who are our partners in welcoming you.

This responsible attitude comes naturally from the respect we feel for theses families who welcome us, from this deep friendship that has been linking us together since many years by now.

Those friends, from different ethnic cultures opened their house and their culture to us, allowing us to understand also their needs, and the difficulties that they meet in this fast growing world.

We know how to settle sojourns that propose true encounter between you and the different ethnic people that are the cultural richness of Vietnam.

Our visitors have the occasion to feel themselves concerned, having been able to understand each other though some simple but true moment of life shared.

From that, everything, all the other concerns follows  naturally: environmental, and ecological, political, health, cultural,  economical, philosophical…

We are convinced that when people truly meet each others, they feel naturally responsible one another.

The rest is only literature.

Last point:

Any kind of tourism that would not be responsible is only a mercantile nuisance. A target that anybody that considers oneself a responsible person has the duty to destroy.

Fredo Binh, earth citizen, Director for Freewheelin- tours alias Compagnie Bourlingue.

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