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COME ONE COME ALL To the Têt Fiesta Tour 2016 21th EDITION year of the Rooster 10 crazy days motorbiking out of time to celebrate the Moon new Year with all our Ethnic friends from North Vietnam From January the 23rd till February the 1st.

Easy First stage with smooth roads for 3 hours including breaks, mechanical adjustments, luggage fine-tuning, etc. We head East towards Lang Son and China.
After lunch, we branch off to head for North towards Bac Son where we’ll spend our first overnight among a Tay family. If we arrive on time, we’ll be able to learn the technique for making the famous Banh Chung, traditional cake rice for Têt. Tasty but sticky, it will fill up your stomach, so don’t forget the local alcohol to make it easier to all the way down!
It could be a long night… Better make sure you’re ready for Distances / Timing: 145 km ~ 3h/4h. Road: Fast road/Small countryside road Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay /
So we have a long way to travel today, some ups and downs through Vietnamese countryside with its rural Têt scenes. Indeed a long road but beautiful as we go towards Ba Be National Park where we’ll spend the night next to the lake of the same name. We are welcomed by our old friend Mr. Manh in his Tay-styled stilt-house. No way to miss it Tonight it’s Fiesta for sure in Tay style mixed with other local products. Distances / Timing: ~ 200 km ~ 5h/6h Road: Small countryside road Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay / Black Tay
 We take it easy enjoying our breakfast. Today we cross the lake (by boat) to get to Dau Dang waterfalls in the middle of the jungle, territory of our old fellow Png Pirate who’s waiting for us to get lunch. Once we got back to Manh’s we take a ride towards North to reach Bac Me. We are now in Ha Giang province, the most North in the North Vietnam, Chinese border area. Distances / Timing: 130km ~ 4H Road :Small countryside road Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay /
Today is a bit special: a world class area to ride through, or to put it differently, one of the most beautiful sites on Earth. H’mongs are the only free and fierce people to thrive in these Northern wilderness. We cross their territory all day long until we reach Dao’s place where we eat.
After lunch we should have spare time to enjoy the location and the welcoming of our host before we get down the mountain to Ha Giang City. Hotel, shower, Karaoke… Civilisation? Distances / Timing: 130km / ~ 4H Road: countryside Road – wild Trails Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay / Dao
From Ha Giang we have 2 choices: a 5hour “Rock’n Roll” trip by tracks or a 3 hour smooth trip by road. Actually the 4 wheeled vehicles won’t have any choice. The track is what local riders like up here, really wild, wet and you will get dirt, yet the scenery is breathtaking so it’s worth the shot.
What to say about the national road, we go fast not furious and it gets better after around 30 km.
The family will who welcome us is particularly welcoming, no wonder we choose this location to CELEBRATE TÊT. We stay 2 nights and tonight it’s TÊT FIESTA!!!!! Distances / Timing: 90 km ~4/H Road:/ Track Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay /Daos
Today the first Rooster Call means the first day of the Rooster Year so Chuc Mung Nam Moi! We enjoy a well-deserved hangover. No way we hit the road like that. Plus there are a lot of places to chill in the village, at the waterfalls and we have to greet the neighbours to respect the local tradition! Distances / Timing: 150km ~ 4h30H Road: Mountain road / Small countryside road Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay /
Now we’re rested enough to continue our ride. Today we climb, 15%. We have views over mountain ridges, China on your right and Vietnam on your left. Today we are welcomed by a H’mong family at Toa’s and his children. Other cultures still Fiesta in a delightful surroundings in the middle of a mountain cirque. Distances / Timing: 30km ~ 4H Road: Countryside road 8km track /Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay / Pa Then
We leave the Mountainous area to get to the valley following the Cha river which empties into That Ba Lake, the biggest in North Vietnam. That’s where we spend the night : LavieVuLinh Ecolodge.
Following suggestions from last year’s crew we stay 2 nights to enjoy the place and farniente it inspires. Distances / Timing: ~ 160km ~4H : Small contryside road Accommodation / Minorities: Homestay / Dao Quan Trang
Last stage, nice and easy road to get you Têt Fiesta Riders, to Hanoi. This year it’s the 21st edition and I, Frédo Binh, had announced that the 20th would be my last. That’s why I hand over the guiding to Mr. Alain my old fellow rider who has participated to numerous The Têt Fiesta Tours. He drinks as much as I do and has a Phd in Sociology & Anthropology so he’ll be able to tell you a great deal of info on Vietnam. Chi, an experienced rider, is the official mechanic of the Têt Tour, no rider will make a fuss over him. And of course the Freewheelin’Tours Team will take care of logistics while on a trip with you. So, have a good Rooster Year and Enjoy the Têt Fiesta Tour #21 Distances / Timing: 170km 4H30 Road: Fast Road

The Full package  Têt Fiesta Tour 2016  Included: – 10 days of fiesta, by motorbike of 16 seat minibus (10 passengers max in the bus) : $990 per person (based on a 10 people group) – 10 French speaking Anthropologist guide – 125cc bikes (or other with prior agreement) – 16 seat minibus (drinks, spare parts, covers, gifts, driver and passengers) – Fuel – Accommodation – Meals – Entrance to provinces – Gifts – Film of the tour – 21 years’ experience
Not included : – Drinks: the crew will organise a kitty bearing in mind individual consumption patterns – Individual insurance (you will need to sign a waiver) – Cost of repairs to motorbikes due to careless usage (crashes, poor handling, etc. the cost of parts will be billed. Costs related to usual wear and tear will not be billed, unless you hire motorbikes independently) – Any services not included in “included” above.

We can accommodate changes for those who have their own wheels, or who will join us during the tour, or any other individual requests.

Please note that our price has remained the same for a number of years, and profits are used to welcome our friends onto the tour, so that our whole crew can join us and so our friends can improve and develop their Homestays. If anything is left over, it allows us to survive.

Please also note that the Têt Tour rhythm can be intense, but can also be adapted to accommodate everyone, either as drivers or passengers. If any further proof were necessary, my baby daughter will be joining us to celebrate her first birthday.Don’t delay and book today, to join the 20th Edition of the Tet Fiesta Tour.

Testimonial : Niek, participant du TET Tour 2011 “I have had an amazing and beautiful time and the motor trip has been so incredible!“ “The beautiful sceneries, the fact that it has been ten days intense living with the group and sharing such unique experiences has been mind blowing for me. Even more and with big respect for the projects we have visited and the big group of people connected to the projects that joined us, and the children.“ “It has been such an unforgettable journey which showed Vietnam in a way you’d never see on any other trip and at least for me it changed perspective on live. Thanx all for making the trip the way it was!” Niek, participant du TET Tour 2011

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