Travel at the rhythm of people, have encounters that reach to the heart of the country and its people.

The Freewheelin’ Spirit

Through the diversity of its cultures and the spontaneity of the contacts, Vietnam offers true and intense moments; this is the essence of our tours. They are adapted to the country and not the opposite. We offer an intimate and a la carte tourism, without fabrications, towards the true, proud, and alive Vietnam.

Flexible Touring Style

8days-north-vietnam-sidebarOur clients are not bound to a pre-determined tour, they participate to its design and events along the way. The tours that we design together are done on two wheels or four and take you to off the-beaten-track places. Each tour is customized in order to answer your wishes and budget.

Do Some Good!

We have contributed to many projects over the years such as the construction of an elementary school, a bridge linking a school to its village during high floods and more. Participate in actual economic, social and cultural development!

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Our Tours

Creating Custom Tours in Vietnam Since 1994!


Whether you are traveling alone or with colleagues, tourist or professional, whether you want a classic discovery or a fully submersion into the culture, we provide logistics and our experience to give you personalized and unique journey in Vietnam.

The founder : Fredo Binh


Fredo Bình, born in Paris of mixed French and Vietnamese parentage, came to settle in Vietnam in 1994 with a strong feeling of having returned home.

In 1997, he founded the tourist company, Compagnie Bourlingue (aka. ‘Freewheelin’ Tours – Freewheeling Tours). Read more

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